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About Homeopathy
Why Homeopathy ?

If mind is well, body is well.

Today, life is full of stress and insecurity and as a result, 80% of the diseases are because of mental strain. In today’s fast-paced and stressful environment, there is high expectation on the job and lots of competition in business. Therefore, life is full of insecurity - Insecurity in business, on the job and family life affects the mind of the person and they could suffer from disappointment, anxiety, worry, grief, depression.

To get relief, one starts taking stimulants like coffee, tobacco, alcohol and/or sleeping tablets, but the relief from these is for a short period of time resulting in more frequent and higher doses of these stimulants, ultimately resulting in addiction.

At some point, a stage is reached where the person becomes immune to these stimulants and begins developing symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, phobias, acidity, gastric ulcer, gas problem, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, diabetes, hypertension, impotency, menstrual problem, infertility, psoriasis, eczema, etc.

In contrast, Homeopathic treatment provides a cure from the root by increasing the resistance power of the vital force (will power of the person) and stimulate the immune system of the body. As a result, the individual becomes stronger internally to fight the enemy - the mental illness as well as physical, enabling one to overcome it and come back to a healthy peaceful life.

About Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicines provide an alternative treatment, and are prepared from plants, herbs, minerals and animal sources after having been duly tested and proven on healthy human beings. These medicines, which have been verified during testing in healthy human beings, are then given in minute doses to patients who exhibit similar symptoms. The small dose acts like an atomic particle in a nuclear reaction - Atoms are small but act very powerfully. These doses are administered in minimum repetitions so it eliminates the possibility of addiction and/or drug toxicity.

Poison will kill a person but in minute quantities, it will act miraculously as an antidote and save lives. E.g.: The antidote for snake bites is the snake venom itself, administered in minute doses.

Conventional medicine is mostly tested on animals and sick human beings so its original effect is not known. It is administered in large doses with frequent repetitions so there are a lot of side effects, complications and could result in addiction to the drug, and more often than not, results in deterioration in the condition of the patient instead of curing them.

Homeopathy is effective for both, Acute and Chronic diseases. Homeopathic Therapy chosen by an experienced Homeopath, has no side effects and is therefore safe in treating pregnant women, the elderly and even kids.