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Shobha Vasa - Classical Homeopath in Dallas
What is Classical Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is holistic system of natural medicine which aims to stimulate the body to heal itself.

It is based on the principle Similia Similibus Curenture

The term homeopathy is derived from Greek:


It means Let Likes Be Treated With Likes

It is a method of curing the sufferings in a diseased individual by administration of remedies that have the capacity to produce similar symptoms in a relatively healthy individual.

Effect of poison is destroyed by poison. Chopping an onion makes your eyes water and sting while your nose run and burns. Homeopathic preparation of the humble onion Allium Cepa can be used to cure a person suffering with cold or hay fever if they have symptoms of stinging, watery eyes and runny, burning nose.

Another example is Ipecac is used in an emergency to induce vomiting in poisonous cases but in a minute dose it is capable of halting nausea and vomiting.

Vaccination is also based on a similar principle. The Small Pox vaccine, which is prepared from the small pox virus, has helped eradicate small pox in India. A similar plan is being implemented to get rid of polio via the oral polio vaccine prepared from polio viruses.
My Goal

My ultimate goal is to restore your total health – mental, emotional and physical by strengthening the constitution and thereby raise the general level of your health. The basic tenet is not to just treat a particular disease or condition but to stimulate the vital force by using homeopathy to raise the level of health of a person so that the problem recedes.

Ideal Cure

The Highest Ideal Cure Is Rapid, Gental And Permenant Restoration Of The Health Or Removal And Annihilation Of The Disease In Its Whole Extent In Shortest, Most Reliable And Most Harmless Way, On Easily Comprehensible Principle. *

[* Organon of medicine by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann - founder of Homeopathy]